The Modi Drain is a new concept in flat roof drainage. Its composition & design make it easily suitable for every application from new construction to reroofing and roof maintenance.


  • The Modi Drain has been manufactured specifically for use with modified bitumen membrane (APP or SBS) and BUR.
  • Its one piece (no-weld) construction eliminates the possibility of leakage.
  • The Modi Drain's ribbed flange face ensures positive adhesion to waterproofing membrane. The press-fit spigot includes two angular seal rings that prevent damage to the waterproofing system due to "hydraulic jump" and vapor penetration.
  • The Modi Drain has been made of indestructible, non-corrodible, flame resistant material which offers a high degree of resistance to the action of sun (U.V. rays), ozone and other atmospheric and chemical elements. Its flexibility makes it easy to install in different positions and low temperatures.
The Modi Drain gasket-type union has been designed to prevent costly defects and serious problems associated with conventional type drain unions.

Product Code Description
MD-60 Fits 2" Pipes
MD-80 Fits 3" Pipes
MD-100E Fits 4" Pipes
MD-125 Fits 5" Pipes